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We provide critical repairs to the homes of low-income families in Wake, Durham, Orange, and Chatham counties. Our goal is to ensure a safe and healthy home for every person. Each year, we provide vital services ranging from making homes handicap accessible to fixing leaky roofs for the elderly, veterans, disabled, and families with children. Want to make a difference? Check out our sponsorship and volunteer sections to see how you can help.

We use volunteers, donated supplies, and funding to provide modifications and repairs for safer, healthier, more accessible, and more energy efficient homes. Volunteer for a day, a weekend, or just a few hours to make a difference in the home of a low-income family, a veteran or an elderly homeowner. It’s a great way to build community among your colleagues while helping your community here at home.

With your funds, we can tailor a project day that makes a difference in the community, energizes your staff, and helps a local homeowner. Our project team will match your skills and number of volunteers with a homeowner. We will organize the project day including tools, prep work, materials, and expertise. We even bring lunch! The need is growing every day. Find out how your team can benefit from a hands-on project day.