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Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we have renovated the homes of over 200 low-income families since 2009. Funds from our local and national sponsors mean we are able to expand how many homes we can renovate each year–but the need is growing. We work with our sponsors to design a project day that fits the size and skill set of the volunteer group. Our team can tailor a project day to meet your funding budget.

Our team provides the materials and tools, and we prepare the worksite in advance of each project. We also handle the paperwork and insurance for the volunteers, and we train each group on the work that needs to be completed and safety measures to take. We do all of this work to make the volunteer experience easy and fun.

At the end of the day, our sponsors and volunteer teams have a memorable team building project that has a lasting, meaningful impact on the homeowner. Our sponsorships range from funding to in-kind donations of materials and services. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact us today to find out how we can design a project for your budget and volunteer team.

Our Sponsors

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Featured Sponsor

Over the last five years, Wells Fargo has become the largest corporate sponsor of RTT. Since 2011, Wells Fargo Housing Foundation has committed over $125,000 in financial support, and over 100 team members from across the company have contributed 1850 hours of volunteer time on 20 homes during that time. This investment of time and resources has contributed to RTT’s growth over the last five years, and has changed the lives of homeowners across the Triangle.